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Adobe Marketing Cloud

Marketing professionals have to speak the language of their customers. In order to reach them, they have to deliver right content through right channels to the right devices and provide a personalised experience. To achieve this, they need to quantify the facts with huge data. Online presence must be consistent across devices channels and languages […]

Custom Xtype For Pathfield BrowseDialog

ometimes the xtypes provided by AEM doesn’t fulfill our requirements. So we need to design our custom xtypes on regular basis. While working with xtype pathfield, I stumbled upon a use case/problem. I wanted a pathfield so that  I can choose the product under /etc/commerce/products/accunity/en_us/products hierarchy by a productName property. Note: Generally, pathfield can show the nodes […]

The Performance Guidepost

Imagine on a bright sunny day you open up your analytics dashboard and you notice the visitors graph going high and high and high and suddenly drops all of a sudden. You will be wondering what is happening, only to find that your colleague had started a nice promotion and due to the promotion the […]

Maven Dependencies Version Issue in AEM

In this post, I will explain package version issues for AEM package dependencies. Here is the scenario where I got this issue: In one of my project, I had to create a tool for AEM that supports AEM5.6.1 and AEM6.x versions. For some dependencies, these AEM version instances (CQ5.6.1, AEM6.0, AEM6.1, and AEM6.2) needed to use […]

Sling Models with Sightly Part – IV (Key Annotations – II)

In this post, I will explain some important questions related to OSGi Services and Sling Models. These questions had been asked by some of my blog readers on the basis of my last blog. So the Problem Statement is- According to them, They have one interface with multiple service implementations and want to choose any […]

Sling Models with Sightly Part – III (Key Annotations – I)

The title of this blog is “Key Annotations – I” because In this post, I will explain two important annotations related to Sling Models and continue explaining other annotations in my coming posts. So for explaining two annotations, I have selected following two questions for this post. 1). How to include OSGI Services in Sling […]

Sling Models with Sightly Part – II ( Key Points )

In this post, I will explain some key points, which need to be kept in mind while working with AEM, Sightly, and Sling Models. Q1). Issues with Sling Models with Sightly while using AEM6.0 instance? If you are using AEM6.0 then it provides org.apache.sling.models.api bundle with version 1.0.0 with very limited functionalities. e.g. You can inject […]

Sling Model with Sightly Part – I

In this post, I will explain, how to use sling models with Sightly in AEM6.x? For doing this, I have created a project using maven archetype for AEM6. If you want to use any existing project, then you need to check two things- 1. Dependency for Sling models in your project’s pom.xml file. You can […]